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Pockit portable motion controller turns gaming into a social activity

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 07:04 AM PST

Apara Bhattacharya:

Pockit portable motion controller
Pockit portable motion controllerPockit portable motion controller By Adam

The concept

Video games has been the most coveted pass time of many since generations. The gaming applications have changed, the games have changed, the devices for playing games have also got changed, but what have remained unaltered ever since are the screens. Screens are the devices that create the much needed visual effect for each of the games. The virtual world that you trod into while having an enticing gaming experience is by virtue of the screens. But one thing that most of the advent gamers cannot deny is that remaining glued to the screen and spending hours playing games is nothing but sheer wastage of time.

Therefore, attempts were made by some wise engineers and designers to make this gaming session a time for social interactions. Thus, Pockit was conceptualized and developed which focus on natural environment and the external props rather than graphic games. It can be played everywhere and measures the various parameters of a place, like motion, location, etc. and gives back feedback in the form of vibration, sound and light. The gaming operations are very user friendly and provide multiplayer gaming options that impart in depth social interaction.

The inspiration

The growing interaction of man with his surrounding has gone manifold changes with time. As time has passed by, the communication of people has extended more and more. This has been the inspiration of Pockit. Attempts have been made to change the way fanatic gamers invest their time unnecessarily in graphic games into something productive. The replacement of graphic games in Pockit in place of social interactive measures have given the game developers more opportunities to experiment with the people, culture, information and parameters of different geographic locations, which thereby gets spread among the users in turn, enabling them with better exposures to the outside world.

The design

This gaming device features a motion controller that is completely devoid of the so called graphic games that are the skeletons of conventional gaming devices. Since the major theme of this gaming project, Pockit, is socialization, so players are supposed to interact with with each other and their surrounding environment instead of remaining attentive towards a virtual gaming screen.

The device has been designed so wisely that the game lets all its users to enter into physical experiences while playing the same. In the process of the game, the motion, location and geographical features of a place are measured by the device and feedback are sent back to the players in the forms of specialized sounds, lights and vibrations. Hence, the players react on the basis of the feedback received. The procedure involved in the game is extremely simple, yet it provides the most exciting and engrossing experience.

The fabulous

This unique gaming device, Pockit scores over the conventional gaming devices in its simplicity of operations. Since it is free from any graphic gaming options, so even first time users too feel more comfortable playing it. The external props and the natural ambiance surrounding the user acts as the sole medium of transmitting several feedback and information about a place and its additional parameters like motion, location, etc. It is sleek and compact in shape, so the user finds it extremely convenient to take it anywhere and play games on the move.

The device has such systems which enable the user to share the log locations and the subsequent information with players of any other location. Its another noteworthy merit is that it makes the users enjoy the game physically since there are opportunities to communicate with the real surrounding rather than spending hours in trying to identify oneself with virtual ambiance in conventional games. The prominent marking on the popular locations as hot spots resemble the traditional gaming environment too. The engrossing factor of the gaming device is its multiplayer options and different levels of difficulty and challenges that the user need to overcome at each level.

The target

Pockit does not have a typical target group. All the game lovers around the globe will enjoy playing this wonderful game. It is as interesting for the children as it is for the adults. Moreover, it is also a learning experience for the children too, where they get audio visual exposures to different geographical locations. The adults also find it extremely challenging when the opponent is to be defeated thereby keeping one's own controllers intact. The various sounds and their frequency which indicate various signals, like closer to loss, ultimate defeat, extremely slow movement, make it equally interesting for all.

Related trends

1. PlayStation Move Motion Controller

PlayStation Move Motion Controller
PlayStation Move Motion ControllerKey to unlocking the world’s most immersive gaming experiences

The PlayStation Move Motion Controller enhances your gaming experiences further by incorporating motion controller along with PlayStation Eye Camera. These two devices work together in imparting the most realistic gaming environment so that you can enjoy every second of gaming. The games are also closer to reality and include action oriented activities like grooming your pet, or revenging your foes or visiting a local market, etc. The controller is so developed that it can trace and track every movement of the user, be it a slow one or a fast one. Feedback are sent back to the user during the play in the form of sphere lights and vibrations. The Bluetooth technology also enables wireless gaming experiences. The built in Li-ion battery make the game transportable everywhere.

2. Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controllers

Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controllers
Razer Sixense Motion Gaming ControllersTo play games that require motion tracking controllers

This is a great game with advanced controller for those who love to play games on their PC. It is a device that is equipped with motion tracking control and is slim and sleek. It is designed in such a way that the controller device is a combination of two parts, one for each hands, which are wireless and impart convenience and excitement to the user while playing the game.

3. Hydra Motion Controller

Hydra Motion Controller
Hydra Motion ControllerHydra Motion Controller by Razer

Hydra Motion controller is another innovation of Razor, which uses magnetic detection in place of the conventional optical method of detection used in Wiimote controller. Thus, the resultant is a more natural and a more responsive gaming experience. There are twin controllers in this arrangement, an analog stick and four operation buttons. The base station is capable of calculating the location and the orientation of the player to precision of millimeters and degrees and hence give back detailed feedback.

5 Elegant and creative wooden gaming consoles

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 04:09 AM PST

Dakshina Thakur:

We have witnessed manufacturers adopting aesthetic elements and sturdy, exquisite materials to craft performance-driven gaming consoles for gamers across the world. However, glimpsing over the consoles that portray a beatific combination of eco-friendliness, style and complete usability may not appear so very common. Here, we are listing down five wooden gaming consoles that not only harmonize well with your room's exquisite décor, but also swear up and down to render a truly immersive, real life-like gaming experience. Take a quick look!

1. Wooden Xbox

Wooden Xbox
Wooden XboxThe ball-socket construction of the controller ensures its looks have a pair of moving analog sticks that can rotate around.

You may have admired the aesthetic manifestation of Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Slim but flipping through an Xbox made out of appealing wooden would sound new to you. Designed creatively, the wooden Xbox somewhere provides an insight into the logic behind its fabrication – avoiding instances of catching fire from overheating. Modeled after the original classic console, the equipment features a pretty similar appearance with an Xbox logo engraved neatly while four controller ports and power and eject buttons resting across the sculptural design. To sustain the primitive, natural theme, users can seamlessly connect the connector using a twine. The gorgeous wooden sculpture of the iconic gaming console further boasts of its controller's ball-socket construction. However, no matter how hard you might try, this Xbox will just refuse to turn on and will never play Halo either.

2. Super Nintendo portable wood casemod

SNES game console
SNES game consoleSuper Nintendo was custom-built using parts from a modified PSOne display.

Enclosed in an eye-catchy wooden framework, the self-contained Nintendo casemod has been designed using parts from an upgraded PSOne display and features a built-in powerful sound system. The neatly embedded gamepad controls, on the other hand, endow the custom-built Super Nintendo portable wood casemod with a portable look – some may find it close to a huge bottom-half of a DS Lite. Users can conveniently piggyback this creative wooden console to their trips or while covering the ground from place to another – after all what a gamer needs is an efficient medium to keep those gaming titles active.

3. Mike Leavitt's wooden NES

Mike Leavitt's Wooden NES
Mike Leavitt's Wooden NESIt is made of fir, mahogany, acrylic paint, cotton string.

Hearing the name 'Mike Leavitt' would probably have made many play their guess games. Having been revered for crafting incredible cardboard and wood sculptures of cultural objects that embody a wide recognition, the innovative creator exemplifies the talent yet again with the neatly designed Wooden NES system. Sporting a clean look, the pleasant looking device has been made using mahogany, cotton string and fir. The model further benefits from the acrylic paint to render a natty appearance. At the same time, the controller features the ability to smoothly plug in and out.

4. Wooden Neo Geo MVS

Wooden Neo Geo MVS
Wooden Neo Geo MVSThe wooden MVS system is fashioned from 100% walnut, and comes with a dazzling array of outputs.

Infusing old fashion class to the framework, the lovely Wooden Neo Geo MVS offers an intuitive user experience by somewhere sharing familiarity with the PlayStation 2. Produced by Analogue Interactive, the custom-built retro-looking console prances with an amazing array of outputs and has been fashioned from 100 percent walnut. Combining durability with optimum functionality and beauty, the console enables gamers to indulge in classic Neo Geo titles while looking great under their room's television. The retro system further focuses on delivering good performance whilst maintaining the natural aesthetic appeal. The company has already begun the full scale production of their Wooden Neo Geo MVS console units which cost around $649 each.

5. Steampunk PS3 Mod

Steampunk PS3 mod
Steampunk PS3 modThe wood veneer is decorated with an old radio valve, a pipe valve, a pressure gauge, assorted brass plumbing parts and some trim.

Last but not the least, the unique Steampunk PS3 Mod gaming console features a beautiful, detailed outlining to complement users' sense of style. Designed elegantly, the cool console features wood veneer finish intriguingly trimmed with brass wedged onto the curved surface. Perfect for gamers seeking a blend of sophistication and optimum functionality, the wood veneer gets graced furthermore with a pressure gauge, a pipe valve, assorted brass plumping parts and an old radio valve.

Although the pricing details for the others remain slightly vague, the above stated five elegant and creative gaming consoles are sure to enthrall any gamer who admirers playing their favorite gaming titles while going well with their style quotient.

Sieccol Pod: A futuristic transportation device for an urban setup

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 03:47 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Sieccol Pod transportation device
Sieccol Pod transportation deviceThe Sieccol Pod is designed for inner single person use.

With the rise in fuel prices, fewer people will be able to afford vehicles that gulp gas in the near future. Come 2025 and oil prices will touch an all time high, which will force people to opt for vehicles that are powered by alternate forms of energy. Cars that can carry 4 to 5 people will become obsolete and will give way to an all new breed of vehicles. Keeping the future times in mind, Philip Harrison has designed Sieccol Pod, which will prove to be a great form of urban transportation.

Picture Gallery
Sieccol Pod transportation device
The control panel makes the passenger comfortable during the ride.

Sieccol Pod is a single occupant vehicle that will prove to be clean way of moving around the city. Normally, people move around in their cars that are meant for 5 people even if they have to travel alone. This definitely comes under the wastage tag and means misusing precious resources. Morover, the environment is getting deteriorated every single day with the addition of pollutants and concrete steps have to be taken to save it. Sieccol Pod will keep the surroundings clean and also save much space on the roads.

Sieccol Pod is an ingenious concept that will operate automatically and won't need a driver to maneuver it on the roads. This single person ride will just give a few controls to the occupant, which will include entering and exiting the vehicle plus endowing the flexibility to make good use of the control panel that will be wedged inside the pod. Sieccol Pod will prove to be a comfort coated ride and will unfurl an experience that you will remember till your last breath. The pods get all the stability and are propelled using electromagnetic suspension technology.

It will make sure that the occupant never gets bored, hence has all the necessary features to keep you entertained. Listen to your favorite tunes or watch a movie or series of your choice, thanks to the presence of MP3 player, radio and TV. It boasts of a wireless MP3 connectivity. It will make sure that riders have access to news so that they never miss on any important happenings. The best part being that travelers can stay connected with their loved ones through Sieccol social that allows interaction via videos.

Sieccol Pod is easy to operate, repair and maintain. It uses a clean fuel source that will not harm the pretty surroundings in any sense. The concept has an attention-grabbing facade and has traits to become an important part of city life.

Via: Coroflot

e-motion Electric Bike redefines the term eco friendly in a charismatic way

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 03:39 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

e-motion concept
e-motion concepte-motion concept by Stefan Reichert

Our society is largely based on situations carried forward from the past. May it be social stigmatic situations limiting the use of electric bikes to handicapped people, to the use of the electricity to run our vehicles. While technology has landed the human race onto a threshold of pure advancement, the advent has given reasons for us to look forward to better things. Bringing forth an innovative bicycle design, electric bikes have been given a new meaning altogether. The bike has been designed at a University by the German bike brand Kettler and designer Stefan Reichert and has been named e-motion Electric Bike.

Picture Gallery
e-motion concept
e-motion concept by Stefan Reichert

Being just a concept, it incorporates an eco-friendly touch within itself. Being a design, it is just a small endeavor to conserve precious resources. The dynamic design of the bike lends it a very authentic and charismatic look. The bicycle has a fitted battery above the lower bars, further giving you an option of being removed, as per the requirement and convenience. With touch sensors being available in the handles, the designers have made it a point to show how easy it is to ride. Touch the handlebars and the bike gets rolling automatically. So, with a simple concept in tow, the bike helps you by giving just the right amount of physical support coupled with a mechanical push.

Further, the simplistic outlay has been fitted with an LED strip to ensure no one misses you on the road while riding in the dark. The strips have been built right onto the frame, precisely in the front and the back. You can ride safely even in the dark now, without having any constant fear of being rammed by any oncoming vehicles who are unable to view your silhouette. The best part of the design is how innovation has played an important role in its making. The battery, although, an important part of the bike design does not hinder the riding in any way. Even if one wants to remove the battery from the bike, the vehicle would still be equally eco-friendly and function as if nothing has been removed from its interiors. This is one of absolutely stunning features of the electric concept bike.

While Germans are an avid source of technological advancements, they have really come up with a very neat idea for the e-bike. This has been built as a full scale model and incorporates printed ABS plastic parts. All these parts have been fused together in such a neat bundle, they don't even give away the fact that the bike was built in Autodesk Alias and imported in SolidWords for the printing process.

With a hope to see this concept in real, everyone waits with a bated breath to have the concept turned into reality. Just a small push and with the proper amount of guidance, there would be absolutely no doubt in any one's mind about the success of the e-motion Electric Bike.

Via: Sre-design

Satarii Star dock lets your camera follow you

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 03:32 AM PST

Apara Bhattacharya:

Satarii Star dock
Satarii Star dockSatarii Star dock

The concept

Accessories for mobile phones are not at all something innovative. But this new accessory by Satarii is definitely going to be one of the top rated mobile accessories. It is a camera mount that is compatible with smartphones and serves as your own personalized video footage device while you are on the move. The remote sensor contained in this smart device captures every movement you make in the form of a audio-video. You even have the freedom to capture anything you find interesting on your way; objects, animals, human beings, just anything that is within eight meters of your accessibility. The camera of your choice that can be mounted on the tripod stand connected to your smartphone and rotates up to 180 degrees to capture real action. It is yet to be launched publicly and awaiting public demand before it is finally made available widely for the consumer market.

The inspiration

The thought of recording almost anything on the move was the chief inspiration behind this device. Further, the designers also thought of creating such a compact device that will be easier and convenient to carry on the move and will not include lots of clumsy and additional peripherals. Thus, Swivl, the video on the move for all the smartphone users was designed. It is so sleek and sturdy that you can carry in inside your pocket too.

The drawbacks of the typical camera mobiles were also kept in mind while designing this unique mobile accessory. Therefore, Swivl has been made in such way that it can rotate up to 180 degrees, both horizontally and vertically so that things captured in it always remain within its frame and do not fall out of focus. It was also taken into consideration that the device must be user friendly so that more and more users get interested to buy it. Thus, its unique user friendly interface, simple applications and amazing design need special mention here.

The design

It never fails to keep objects that are captured with it, within frame. This has been made possible by the motorized base that has been equipped further with a sharp sensor. This sensor is capable of sensing objects within eight meters of its range and adjusts itself accordingly, so that you get perfect video footage. The traditional bulky tripod of typical video cameras have been well replaced here with this motorized base which is so compact that it gets accommodated into really smaller spaces that you could think of.

It works as a professional camera by being able to capture both landscape and portrait images. This motorized base, along with the marker that is included with it is powered by two AAA batteries, which can be recharged when necessary. It is made compatible with iPhone4, iPod Touch and Android phones.

The fabulous

The most meritorious part of this intelligent device is that unlike the traditional video chat or other such programs, you never need to remain glued to it till it finishes streaming. On the contrary, it will keep on continuing with its work by rotating its dock while you move on freely. All you need to do is to attach the device to your clothing by means of a clip provided with it. It will keep on rotating horizontally and vertically to keep things within its frame as you walk Actually the tilting is not automatic, but you have the freedom to manually adjust it to the appropriate angle you want.

The target

It targets at the niche clientele who are professional photographers and journalists or simple love capturing moments and objects within their frame on their tour as a memoir of their journey. It claims to establish the most futuristic step in the world of teleconferencing. It is specifically made for those mobile phone users who own smartphones, i Phones, Andriod phones, etc. The company is further in the look out for more potential customers of this video on the move gadget before it finally decides to launch the product in the market commercially. Till then interested customers are being asked to send their reviews, interest in the product and further feedback on their official website.

Related trends

1. Apple iPhone 3G Dock

This application has been created to match with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3 G S devices. The dock further help the user to charge their handsets or connect to the USB port for syncing. Moreover, you can also connect the handset to audio output system by virtue of the dock. You can also listen to our favorite tunes and play them aloud for the public through speakers or stereo by connecting the dock directly with those devices.

2. Harman Kardon iPod/iPhone dock

The company, Harman Kardon has brought to the market a dock that suits perfectly well with a jet black iPod or an iPhone. It has been named as The Bridge II. Together with the dominant uniform curves that make up for its elegant aesthetic features, the dock is also equipped to serve as a connecting device with the home entertainment devices. The remote control option provided with it makes it suitable both for home and office use. It is expected to hit the market soon with a price tag of US$ 129.

3. Rotating iPhone Speaker Dock

In the face of extreme competition, the company, Yubz' has further thought of creating a speakerdock for smartphone users that will steal the hearts of its consumers. It is so compact and aesthetically improved that it resembles a donut! Your music listening experience is further enhanced with a different treat for your eyes when you see the inner rim of this iApple gadget docking port rotate as you connect it with a music device.

4. Philips SBD7000 Rotating Speaker Dock

Philips is also not left behind in the run for docking ports of smart phones. The uniqueness of this gadget lies in its circular shape and excellent sound quality. The spherical design of the device makes the users roll the speaker so that the orientation of the dock can rotate either from the horizontal to the vertical direction or vice versa, as the case may be. It can be powered both by battery or electricity and is compatible with all the iPods with dockable features. It is priced at $199.99.

Picture Gallery
Satarii Star dock
Satarii Star dock

Unique world map made using recycled computer parts

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 03:30 AM PST

Gita Kalyanraman:

World Map Made of Recycled Computer Components
World Map Made of Recycled Computer ComponentsWorld Map Made of Recycled Computer Components

With the rapid strides in technology, the whole world is under our fingertips be it communication, information or entertainment but, there is only one throwback which we cannot ignore. This is slowly becoming a menace and dangerous for society. Where paper, textiles, food products and even oil & gas are concerned the waste is more or less organic and so manageable. But materials like plastics, computers and other electronic goods accumulate colossal waste which is indestructible and hazardous. Take the computer for instance. From being a part of the office, it has pervaded schools, colleges and homes. Every child is now using the computer either at school or at home so not surprisingly; this amazing wonder has flooded the globe. That's fine, but because of fast growth in technology computers need to be upgraded frequently, and as it is not unaffordable there is a surplus of obsolete machines, and yes, it's not a small percentage. You would be surprised to know that three/fourths of the sale of all personal computers are already lying down as domestic waste.

The ordinary

In the US, 15 percent of electronic goods are used up by recycling. Still a huge part is just discarded contaminating the soil or burnt up polluting the atmosphere. Most of the constituents of the computer can be used as raw material for rebuilding one. Many materials like lead, tin, aluminum, iron, silicon and plastics can be reclaimed and used for making new computers. This also helps in reducing costs. There are other valuable constituents like copper, gold and lead which are reclaimed. However toxic substances like mercury, cadmium, chromium and the like are difficult to reuse because the treatment required to reclaim might release more toxics that can contaminate water and air.

For instance, lead, which is a major component – sometimes as much as 15 pounds in some monitors is difficult to recover, without causing more contamination to groundwater. One solution is to export surplus and obsolete electronic goods to developing countries. Sometimes lot of e-waste in the form of monitors that are broken, transistors which are of no use, printed circuit boards and other e-waste are ship loaded with other computers to third world countries that are still developing.


We have to find a way of getting rid of this e-waste? Well one artist from UK has managed to use discarded computer parts to make a super sized world map. Susan Stockwell from Britain amazed the world with her creation.

The Extraordinary

The Bedforshire University commissioned Susan Stockwell to work on this collection of discarded computer parts of an IT recycling firm. Susan who usually worked on huge sculptures, drawings and collages on themes relating to eco-systems, global trade and geo politics and also mapping created this meaningful piece of art which has been put for display in the atrium of a new building for students in Luton site

The making

Susan Stockwell has made this 21 feet x 13 feet map of the whole world with thrown away fans wiring motherboards and several other computer parts. Titled'The World', Susan seems to indicate the computer world of tomorrow!

The target group

To make this happen three groups worked on it. One was the University of Bedfordshire which initiated it. The second was the UK artist Susan Stockwell who also works on paper art, and thirdly the IT recycling unit. This can be done by other Universities, Schools Offices, homes and any other place where art can be displayed


Art is something that is patronized the world over and here is art combined with science producing such a pertinent issue and so its use can be limitless.

Related trends

1. Shoes made from PC parts

Shoes made from PC parts
Shoes made from PC partsShoes made from PC parts

Some years back a school project titled 'junk art' kindled interest in an artist called Gabriel Dinshaw started producing sculptures of shoes using ram chips, heat sinks, keys from the typewriter and any discarded computer or electronic device he found.

2. Giant Circuit Board Head

Giant Circuit Board Head
Giant Circuit Board HeadSistema Alternator made out of an aluminum frame and welded circuit boards

An art collective called 'Collectivo GIB' from Argentina made this sculpture using an aluminum frame and welded PCB's. A chair is kept inside to view the video display. The lips are made from keyboards.

3. Boxer Briefs Made from Circuit Boards

Boxer Briefs Made from Circuit Boards
Boxer Briefs Made from Circuit BoardsDesigned by San Francisco-based artist Emiko Oye

No, don't rub your eyes, it is true. A pair of wearable boxer briefs made from electronic junk. Made by Emiko Oye of San Francisco its aptly named 'Population Control 12.0

4. Furniture made from computer parts

Furniture made from computer parts
Furniture made from computer partsBinary low table from BRC Designs

Whether looks-wise it is beautiful or unsightly this low table is made completely from junk.The led screens, computer chips, motherboard and hard disks have been collaged and kept in place by metal screws, the surface covered with a glass top. The towers of the computer have been shaped and joined to form the structure.

What with clothing, art and furniture being made from computer parts our future world does look very computerized!

Picture Gallery
World Map Made of Recycled Computer Components
World Map Made of Recycled Computer Components

Self-sufficient home made using 30 shipping containers

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 02:22 AM PST

Rajeev Kumar:

Solar Powered Sea-Can House
Solar Powered Sea-Can HouseSelf-sufficient home made using 30 shipping containers

The concept

A Canadian couple, Bill and Roseanne Glennon, are building their dream home from 30 recycled shipping containers. The under-construction sea-can home has generated much interest among designers as well as tourists visiting the area. However, Calgary-based Glennon family is not the first to have done so. In recent times, many other designers have also experimented with this idea, as you will see below. Shipping containers are strong, economically sound and structurally suitable for building unique models of futuristic and self-sufficient houses. They provide ample space and a basic house structure to designers to come up with a unique model.

Also, as compared to conventional building materials, shipping containers can be purchased at low cost for using as mainframe of the house. Other details like covering the outer walls with stucco for a conventional look, insulating exteriors from heat and cold and arranging renewable sources for powering the house could be completed accordingly.

The Inspiration

Building a home is always a dream for couples. But, for Calgary-based Bill and Rosseane Glennon, it was a bit more elaborate. They wanted a large home under the budget of $1 million. After years of touring show homes and checking in the market, all they could realize that the kind of home they want might take a fortune. However, a newspaper article about a home made from shipping containers gave them hope. Bill Glennon applied his scaffolding and carpentering experience to design a model home from recycled shipping containers and started the construction in 2009.

Picture Gallery
Solar Powered Sea-Can House
Self-sufficient home made using 30 shipping containers

The Sea-can house has been built from 30 shipping containers. Each container weighs around 5,000 kg and has the load capacity of about 30,390 kg. The containers have been stacked to form the mainframe of a four-story building having two levels above the ground, a walkout basement and one level below. The design includes plan for four bedrooms, five bathrooms, games and media room, garage, workshop and two enclosed decks for the building spread in 5,000-square-foot area. It has also been planned to keep the new home free from power grids by using wind and solar systems for generating power for the home. Besides, there will be a large garden surrounding the building in the eight-acre-property.

Eco credentials

The sea-can house has been designed to be free from dependence on conventional power sources. It will not be connected to local power grid. Instead, it will completely depend on solar and wind energy for power. For this energy-efficient windows, a wind generator and 4.8-kw solar system has been installed. The wooden interior walls will be insulated from both inside and outside so that it will require less power for heating during winters. Also, little power will be required for heating since a large part of the home is underground. The couple has also planned for installing solar water heater.


Shipping containers form a unique building material. They are strong and feasible material for building homes. Also, it could be purchased at an affordable price. The Glennon family purchased 30 containers for $ 3,000 each. And, the estimated cost of their house is expected to be about $125 per square foot. This cost is certainly very less as compared to rates of urban houses these days.

Related trends:

1. Ecogaria shipping container home gets powered by solar energy

Ecogaria shipping container
Ecogaria shipping containerEcogaria shipping container a Self-sufficient home

Designed by Omar Aponte, the Ecogaria is another model of an eco friendly house made from recycled shipping containers. It will depend on solar energy for power. For this, the model features solar panels mounted on the roof of the house. Aponte has kept the design of this eco friendly house flexible. This will allow the users to modify it as per their needs.

2. Shipping container home by Verde es Bueno

Shipping container home
Shipping container homeShipping container home a Self-sufficient home for the future

Designers at Verde es Bueno have built a luxury model of home made from recycled shipping containers. The design shows how shipping containers could be creatively transformed into luxury abodes with little effort. The house features four spaces composed of living rooms, kitchen and bedroom. The bedroom also contains a hidden office below a retractable bed and a wardrobe inside one of the walls. Bonded leather and wood obtained from sustainably maintained forests have been used for covering the surface of the house.

Built originally for interior design exhibition at Casa FOA, the prefab luxury model also features eco friendly measures such as solar panels for supplying a part of energy need of the house. Also, it has been properly insulated for reducing the consumption of energy for heating and cooling the house.

3. Sustainable shipping container home by Jim Poteet

Sustainable shipping container home
Sustainable shipping container homeSustainable shipping container home for the future

Architect Jim Poteet has created this shipping container-based model of home for Stacey Hill in Texas. Made from a 40-foot shipping container, it could be used as a playhouse, a garden retreat or a guesthouse. Like other such homes discussed above, this model also features many environment friendly measures. Pottet has employed many methods for ensuring low consumption of energy. As such, large floor to ceiling glass doors and windows have been used for receiving more sunlight inside the house.

The house also features green roof with solar panels, heating and air conditioning system, a small sink, shower and a composting toilet. Interestingly, the entire structure of this environment friendly house is placed on a base made from recycled telephone poles. Also, bamboo has been used for flooring and covering the walls. The owner intends to use this model house as a sustainable prototype for the development of an artist’s studio in future.

Desktop for students to make up exciting study sessions

Posted: 17 Nov 2011 02:13 AM PST

Vishal Mehra:

Laptop or Desktop for students

Desktop For Students
Desktop For StudentsDesktop For Students by Laura Iriart

In today's time desktop and laptop becomes a vast scope for upcoming generation and also helps in brightening their future. If you have purchased a new handy laptop or desktop computer for your child for school you should be sure that it is encumbered with different software.

You should check out that which software is already installed on your new machine. Today most of the laptops and desktops for students come rushed with the basics things for their easiness just like the academic version of Microsoft Office and a bare-bones image editing application.

Picture Gallery
Desktop For Students
Desktop For Students by Laura Iriart

There are various applications which you need to install in your computer. First you need to install on a new computer is internet explorer or any other browser to speed up downloading more software. There are three kinds of browser which you can find on internet easily i.e. Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla. Whenever you buy a window machine then it has pre-installed Internet Explorer and if you’re on a Mac PC you will get an Apple Safari along with it. Even if you like these browsers, both have their limitations, so you’ll want to install at least one more. These days' windows 7 is quite popular. Second browser is Google chrome which is used for faster speed. It is your own choice and is especially useful for students because it is fast and has a built-in PDF reader. You’ll also find dozens of useful Chrome extensions look in the productivity and education categories. After installing a browser the second thing you should make sure that you have on your machine in a PDF reader, which you’ll need to access a ton of paperwork and school forms in addition to readings that your professors will assign. Most students should be able to get by without the full version of Adobe acrobat. It is priced approx. $199, 4.5 stars, which lets you edit and manipulate PDFs, so stick with free software here.

Both desktop and laptops are advantageous if compared but here we are talking about desktop for students. Cost efficiency of desktop is good as compared to laptops. Getting a cheap but reliable desktop computer is much easier than getting a cheap but reliable notebook computer. This is less true than it used to be, as notebooks are becoming affordable. You will get more for your desktop than for your laptop. Desktop computers are also less expensive to upgrade as compared to laptops. Desktop computers are faster than laptops, if you want fast laptop than it will cost you high. Desktop computers are huge and large in size than handy laptop. It is quite difficult to steal such as computer rooms of college and schools. Desktop computers have more power than a laptop and its big screen also prevent your eyes from strain.

Students can get their likely games on windows 7 and it will be good to play games on big screen. So make the future of your child and get a desktop for students now.

Honda Microcommuter EV gives the glimpse of futuristic city cars

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 11:10 PM PST

Deepa Shetty:

Honda Microcommuter EV
Honda Microcommuter EVThis vehicle will offer the joy of a new type of communications between people and mobility and an exterior that the owner can enjoy customizing more casually.

Honda has announced its lineup of production and concept-model automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and other highlights for the display at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011. These are the models which would add such a flavor to your personality, that you will become a matter of envy for your neighbors, once if you get a chance to own these. This is a perfect example of what may make you feel good. The car is a perfect combination of style, utility and advanced technology.

The Concept

The showcasing of this car will include a lineup of the next-generation electromotive concept models including two, three and four-wheeled commuter vehicles designed for easy and fun mobility in future cities. And, also for mid-to-long distance commuters designed to enrich life and enhance the freedom and fun of mobility. Additionally, at the automobile section, N Concept, a new mini-vehicle series that emphasizes the creation of ample space, will be showcased, including introduction of the first production model in the series, N BOX. Therefore, you need to wait to get your hands on the steering of this stunning car and experience the near perfect driving through a test drive.

Superbly micro sized and futuristic commuters will definitely give you a thrilling experience. This vehicle will offer the joy of a new type of communication among people and mobility and an exterior that the owner can enjoy customizing more casually. The collaboration of Honda’s motorcycle and automobile R&D centers made it possible to load the MOTOR COMPO two-wheel EV commuter in this vehicle.

The perfect formula for the EV market is beginning to get clearer by the end of day. Don’t forget you’ve got the larger sedan and hatchbacks, which some manufactures produce with range extenders and the odd sports car here and there. Also, some relatively small hatches that are the mainstay of the offering, and the really small cars like Audi's urban concept and Renault's Twizy. The first thing that you will note in this car is a longer wheelbase as compared to the previous versions. Apart from this added advantage, the major changes that have been done to this car, include a superior performance like a newly-developed global 700cc motorcycle engine with increased power. The lighting system has also been improved to give the car a dashing look. This beauty is expected to rock the market in the coming year. Therefore, you just need to wait for undergoing a thrilling experience. Covering the largest floor area of any single brand at the show, Honda booth will showcase a diverse lineup of products unique to it.

Where are we?

Honda has launched and it will be camping up with the three electric vehicles to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, which will debut on November 30th, and the Micro Commuter is obviously their vision of urban travel in the future. Speaking of the future, the design has to be one of the most futuristic we've seen in a while. There is only one seat that wraps the driver in a world of white and teal tones. Instead of the traditional wheels, you've got something that looks like it came out of an airplane.

Electric vehicles first came into existence in the mid-19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion, providing a level of comfort and ease of operation that could not be achieved by the gasoline cars of the time. The internal combustion engine (ICE) is the dominant propulsion method for motor vehicles but electric power has remained commonplace in other vehicle types, such as trains and smaller vehicles of all types.

What makes it stand out?

Looking at the outside, Honda's designers must have really wanted to design a car that works in sci-fi anime, because it has some very strange fairing for the wheels. The first thing that you will note in this car is a longer wheelbase as compared to the other versions. Superbly micro sized, futuristic, electric city commuter that is definitely going to give you a thrilling experience. This vehicle will offer the joy of a new type of communications between people and mobility and an exterior that the owner can enjoy customizing more casually. The collaboration of Honda’s motorcycle and automobile R&D centers made it possible to load the MOTOR COMPO two-wheel EV commuter in this vehicle.

Where do we go from here?

The showcasing of this car will include a lineup of the next-generation electromotive concept models. You just need to wait for undergoing a thrilling experience. This vehicle will offer the joy of a new type of communication between people and mobility and an exterior that an owner can enjoy customizing more casually.

Related trends

As Honda has given you a perfect example of you saying what makes you feel good. The car is a perfect combination of style, utility and advanced technology. But there are many other related brands.

1. Thinq concept EV

Thinq concept EV
Thinq concept EVThinq the zero-emission vehicle is powered by electricity.

A very well known car designer Anand Krishnan feels that in the near future, it will be very easy to drive faster and easy to reach your destination. This will increase the demand of cars which will increase the traffic jams, so it’s always better to drive slowly.

2. The Kalos EV concept

The Kalos EV concept
The Kalos EV conceptKalos will be equipped with 4 electric hub motors, interchangeable battery packs, and Polarized windscreen for UVC and UVB protection.

Another well known car Designer Leighton McDonald makes a sporty prophetic statement before introducing his Kalos Electric Vehicle concept, as he outlines the bleak Dystopian future of 2020 by the saying "earth's natural resources have depleted by the hunger for growth and innovation by human race."

3. Panorama concept EV

Panorama concept EV
Panorama concept EVThe Nissan Panorama mid-size concept car by the Spanish industrial designer Victor Romero .

Spanish industrial designer Victor Romero has introduced this Nissan Panorama mid-size car concept. Beautifully unprecedented for the panoramic view of the surroundings for the car’s passengers.The lighting system has also been improved to give the car a dashing look.

4. Follow Me

Follow Me
Follow MeThe Follow Me concept electric vehicle has been designed to better postal delivery services in inner city.

This car is specially designed for the aid of postal delivery services in the small cities. A network of distributed docking stations allows to continuously stock-up deliver vehicles with parcels on the move. The compact vehicle helps delivery agencies sneak through congested city lanes.

While we really do not have enough pictures as of now to really judge the car as a whole, the insides, and what lies under the hood. Hopefully, further details will trickle down very soon.

Ladies Bluetooth bracelet displays time and vibrates on phone calls

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 10:39 PM PST

Abhinav Shrivastava:

Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display
Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time DisplayLadies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display

The concept

Are you one of those women who forget their cellphones at office, restaurant or home? Do you hate to take out your phone from pocket/purse while you are at a party and someone calls you? And do you love to style yourself in functional accessories? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then this Bluetooth vibrant bracelet should find its way into your jewelry box. This latest product in the market is high quality, fashionable accessory that works a Bluetooth device and vibrates when you cellphone receives a call. The concept behind this product is simple: providing you a useful, functional product that doubles as a trendy accessory.

Many girls hate to wear watches, especially tight ones. Instead they want some elegant bracelet gives a graceful look to their arms. But not all the bracelets can be functional. Therefore, this Bluetooth bracelet for women is a gracefully designed bracelet that can be used for seeing time. It has an OLED time display. Apart from this, the product vibrates when someone calls your cellphone and also displays caller id and call hang up operation. The simple Bluetooth is efficient for connectivity. Moreover, the security loss vibration function can help you locate your phone in 20 meter radius. Certainly, this product combines style with service.

The inspiration

Most of the women tend to be forgetful about their cellphones. Also, they keep their phones into purses which makes it difficult for them to pull out the phone every time someone calls them. Therefore, this product was inspired by the idea of helping women keep a track of their cellphones without looking at their phones all the time. Another motivation for this product comes from the fact that several women despise wearing watches. So, the product incorporates a watch along with the functional system wherein the bracelet vibrates every time the owner receives a phone call. Moreover, it can also help a woman locate her phone if she left it somewhere. The bracelet also has a caller id which enables the user to see who's calling them. A call hang up functions gives them the option to cut the call if they are busy without even looking at their phones. Surely, this is an inspirational product!

The design

The design of this product is elegant and incorporates several useful features. The bracelet is comfortable and comes in black and brown color that can be mixed with any outfit. It is made up of smooth plastic which is light but durable. It comes with soft gel padding underneath so that the plastic doesn't damage your skin. It is a futuristic looking bracelet that combines the power of style and functionality together.

The product is high quality and has a caller id and call hang up functions so that you never miss an important call. Its OLED time display and battery indicator makes sure that you never run out of time. It also has a simple Bluetooth along with security loss vibration function through which you can locate your phone in 20 meter radius.

Picture Gallery
Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display
Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display

The fabulous

This is a modern product that provides an integration of technology and style. Surely, the product will become the latest trend as women love to own something that can keep their hands free from a phone during a party, date or meeting. It is also a great product when it comes to its elegant design because of which it can complement any attire. This product is definitely here to stay.

The target

Females are the target of this product as most of them would prefer keeping their cellphones in their purses without missing on the details of who is calling them at what time. It is also for women who love to own fashionable and functional accessories.

Related trends

1. Bluetooth Bracelet W vibration Function Digital Time display

Bluetooth Bracelet W vibration Function Digital Time Display
Bluetooth Bracelet W vibration Function Digital Time DisplayBluetooth Bracelet W vibration Function Digital Time Display for your wrist

This product is developed on similar lines as the Bluetooth Bracelet that we discussed earlier. This Bluetooth bracelet is an amazing cell phone accessory that can display time and vibrate when you get a call. It comes with stainless steel metallic finish and has a Bluetooth device installed. It also comes with a caller id so that you can decide whether you should pull your cellphone out. But unlike the previous product, this one doesn't have a call hang up option and OLED display or tracking functionality.

2. Bluetooth bracelet with Vibration LCD display

Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and LCD Display
Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and LCD DisplayCool Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and LCD Display

This is another product with similar characteristics. It comes with rubber and metallic matte finish and is simple to use. It vibrates when you receive a call and has a caller id. The screen is has LCD display. It allows you to stay simply stylish without worrying about who is calling you when you have kept your cellphone in wallet or pocket. A great device to own!

3. E-Paper timing

E-Paper Timing
E-Paper TimingE-Paper Timing Bluetooth watch

If you are an eco-conscious individual and love to own products that are eco-friendly then you can buy this wrist watch which is made of e-paper. This watch vibrates when there is a message on your phone and also gives you information about latest call notifications. It has a slim, bracelet appearance and the time is shown in digital numbers. It is extremely easy to use and efficient product.

4. Instant Trend

Instant Trend
Instant TrendInstant Trend watch

If you are obsessed with social networking and are always ready to know what's happening on Facebook or twitter then this device is tailor-made for you. 'Instant trend' is a product that provides instant details about any updates on twitter and Facebook. It also has a Bluetooth and can be connected to your phone. It can inform you about any notifications regarding call logs and messages that are received on your phone. Reading this product is easy as can be tied on your wrist like a watch and has simple buttons for knowing time, latest updates and notifications. It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable as well as elegant.

Surely, technological innovations like these are changing our lives for better.

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