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How to add an audio input jack to a megaphone

How to add an audio input jack to a megaphone
Ramendra Kumar:
Megaphone Audio Input
Megaphone Audio InputAdd an audio input jack to a megaphone

To make a megaphone to be versatile, you can add an input jack to it. This will allow you to enjoy music, produce different types of sound effects or attach an external mic with the same. This is supposed to be the optimum modification for the megaphones, which are not available with this feature, or are comparatively cheap. This is a quick task to perform, which does not involve hassles and does not affect any of the available functions of the megaphone. Here, we have shared some of the easy instructions, which will enable you to do this on your own.
Complexity Level: Moderately challenging
Time Required: 40 to 50 minutes
Resources Required:
1. A megaphone (to be modified)
2. An audio jack (1/8″ )
3. A tool box
4. Soldering wires and equipment
1. Open the megaphone
This is the foremost step to perform the modification. This is required to understand the internal anatomy of the megaphone. Once you get to see the internal stuff, open the battery slot, where you will see a copper board with the adjusted electronics. Make it accessible for further use. Now, you have to make the circuit board free for access. For this, remove all the screws holding the copper board in its place and set the circuit board free.
2. Drill holes
These will be drilled on the battery cover to hold the further installation. Make sure when you drill the hole, you do not harm the copper board. Also, this should not affect any of the adjustments, that you would make when you reassemble this. After getting the right spot, a .25 inch hole is desirable.
3. Arrange the wiring
After the drilling of the hole, decide a location where you should place the way to the wires. These wires will be attached to all the terminals of the jack to be installed.
4. Trimming the circuitry
Trimming can be a bit complicated and should be performed with extreme care. This is to decide the entry of the audio signals to the copper board circuit. The main factor to be kept in mind is that the audio pulses enter the right way and with the required level. Make sure that connections should be placed in their proper slots, as this will decide the final working of the megaphone. It is advisable to take some help of an electronics expert at this stage. He will guide you in the right way.
While sending the lined and leveled audio signals into the copper board circuit of the microphone, there comes the time to put a lot of resistance, which should not exceed100Kt. However, if this seems to be too much, you may gradually reduce the same.
5. Inserting the jack
Now, it is the time to use the hole that you had drilled in the beginning. You can insert the jack into the same hole and fasten this in a proper way.
6. Do the rewiring of the whole system
Rewiring is what will decide the future of the whole modified assembly. For this, start with connecting the signal wire to the junction on the main board. Now, you can connect the switch to the audio terminal. Then, connect the ground connection to ground. Since, this all is being done for the microphone; you will definitely want that the signals should go to the main assembly board.
7. Put the things together
Now, it is the final time to do up with the whole assembly of the megaphone. Make the arrangements back to the original connection. Close the megaphone in a proper way.
8. Close the system
This is almost the final setup that will put a completion on all your efforts. Make sure, you put all the things in proper order and close the open system with the help of screws or other gluing materials.
Frequently asked questions
1. Is this good for the durability of the megaphone as the jack is fixed from outside?
Yes. This is as safe and durable as you buy a modified megaphone from the market. The only thing to be kept in mind is that you buy a good quality jack. Also, never forget to match the model numbers of both the things.
2. How much do I need to spend for the whole modification? Is it really cheap to modify on our own?
You will have to spend no more than $5 for the whole process. Yes, this is far cheaper than buying a new and branded one.
Quick tips
1. While drilling the hole, make sure you do not touch the copper board circuit, as this may harm or even short the whole circuit.
2. Use a good quality wire for the final wiring. This will increase the durability of the system.
3. While closing the system finally, ensure there is no conflict of the wires.
Things to watch out for
1. Trimming the circuit is not an easy task. So, take this seriously, otherwise you may lose your megaphone.
2. While inserting the jack, make sure that the jack does not get a shave with the edges of the hole. This may harm the jack and the device may not work properly.
3. It's is advisable to wear gloves all the time during the process, or else, the moisture in your palms may harm the circuitry. Also, this may bring troubles to you.

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