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Sea Lion waterproof MP3 player to enjoy quality sound by the pool

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:01 AM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 Player
Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 PlayerModern waterproof technology meets digital music player with the new Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 Player.

The concept

Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 Player is a high end device which is a classic example of modern technology meeting the digital music player. This gadget allows the user to enjoy their music while swimming or bathing under shower. The best thing about it is its 4GB internal memory. The MP3 player and its earphones are IPx8 certified, which means they are waterproof. The player is shaped like a necklace and it is lightweight. The fitting of the earphones is comfortable. The earbuds of this MP3 play prevents the entry of water. This MP3 Player has 4GB of internal storage, which means that it can store thousands of audio tracks. It also has USB port which is used to connect it directly to the personal computer. Manufactured by Chinavasion, this MP3 player can work under 5-6 meters of water. It supports WMA and MP3 media files.

The inspiration

There is no denying the fact that the demand for waterproof MP3 players is increasing and it seems that Chinavasion wants to cash in on the rising demand. It has used modern technology to design and create this MP3 player.

The design

This MP3 player has been designed to provide complete comfort to the user. This necklace-like MP3 player can be used for several hours regularly as it hangs around the neck and is very convenient to use. The earphones are easy-fit, which allow the earphones to sit comfortably around the ears of the users.

The fabulous

Priced at $45.07, the Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 is a useful gadget which allows the users to enjoy their favorite music even while swimming or taking shower. It has an internal memory of 4GB, which means that you can store thousands of songs in it. This device features a USB port, which means that you can transfer your favorite tunes to it by connecting it directly to computer.

Picture Gallery
Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 Player
Modern waterproof technology meets digital music player with the new Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 Player.

The target

Sea Lion waterproof MP3 player is a perfect item for those who want to enjoy the music even while swimming or bathing. The design of this MP3 player is perfect to be used for a long hours comfortably. This device will be loved by sportsperson as well.

Related trends

NU Dolphin Sports MP3 Waterproof Player

NU Dolphin Sports MP3 Waterproof Player
NU Dolphin Sports MP3 Waterproof PlayerWaterproof and with touch control MP3 Player

This 100 percent waterproof MP3 player is manufactured by NU Technology. Featuring patented earphone antenna, this MP3 player has a functional underwater radio. The touch pad of this player is also patented. The NU Dolphin sports MP3 waterproof player has a battery life of 8 hours. The dimensions of this product are 6.8 x 3.4 x 2.5 inches and it weighs 1 pounds. This MP3 player is available only in black color. This IPX7 certified waterproof MP3 player works well under 5-6 meters of water. This player with 2GB of internal memory supports MP3 and WMA format.

The stereo earphones produce excellent sound. This player has both 2.5mm & 3.5mm ports and a solid build and cylindrical design, which prevent entry of water inside the machine. The silver matt finish gives it a very attractive look. The length of this player is nearly equal to an AA battery. The player's layout is pretty simple with controls at one end and earphones jack at the other end. The tiny controls are little uncomfortable to use. The buttons for power, play and pause is present in the center. All the controls are very near to each other. The power is denoted by an LED display, which also shows charging status. The two adjustable bands of the player allow the user to fasten it to the swimming goggles.

SwiMP3 1GB Waterproof Mp3 Player

SwiMP3 1GB Waterproof Mp3 Playe
SwiMP3 1GB Waterproof Mp3 PlayeSwiMP3 1GB Waterproof Mp3 Player by Finis

This completely waterproof MP3 player is a perfect gadget for swimmers and other sportspersons because it transmits high-fidelity sound. The design of this player is sleek and stylish. The side paddle features the MP3 control panel. This MP3 player is compatible with both MP3 and WMA files. The internal memory of the SwiMP3 1GB Waterproof Mp3 Player is 1GB. The Bone-Conduction Technology used in this device creates high quality sound even under water. The strap clip is used to attach this MP3 player with swimming goggle. The On, Off and volume buttons are present in the integrated MP3 panel. This device is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, which can be charged using the USB port. This device is also Windows and MAC compatible. The dimensions of this product are 7.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches.

Wireless 4GB Water Proof MP3 Player

Wireless 4GB Water Proof MP3 Player
Wireless 4GB Water Proof MP3 PlayerSmart Wireless 4GB Water Proof MP3 Player

This waterproof MP3 player has an internal memory of 4GB and it supports MP3 and WMA format. Featuring selective playback modes and listen in, this player also sports a USB2.0 port. Powered by a lithium battery, the playback time of this waterproof device is around 8 hours and its frequency response is 20Hz-20KHz. The output power is 5mW+5mW and impedance is 32Ω. The bite rate of the WMA is 32Kbps-192kbps. This MP3 player is compatible with devices running windows 98 or above. Available in white, the net weight of this MP3 player is 30g. The ear buds are washable. This MP3 Player has an IP rating of IPX8, which means that this product can work well deep under water as well. The On, Off and volume buttons are present in the integrated MP3 panel. The fitting of the earphones is comfortable. The earbuds prevents the entry of water.

Vestas Sailrocket II gears up for a speedy sail

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 01:41 AM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Vestas Sailrocket II
Vestas Sailrocket IIVESTAS Sailrocket 2 is a bold step beyond their Mk1 boat which still holds the ‘B’ class world record and hit peak speeds over 52 knots

The concept

The Vestas Sailrocket Mk.II (VSR2) is an eco friendly boat which can touch the speed of 60 mph using just sail and the wind. The VSR2 has been designed to move in one direction at a rapid pace. The fuselage has been fitted in such a manner that it is 20 degrees away from the sail, which allows the boat to point directly into the wind at full speed by minimizing the drag. Two well-designed fins are the only parts of this boat that touch the water. The makers claim that this boat has the ability to touch the top speed of 65 mph. The aerodynamic drag cross-section of this unique boat is equal to a beach ball.

The inspiration

The aim of the team which has designed the Vestas Sailrocket 2 under project leader Paul Larsen is to create a new world speed sailing record. The team is currently stationed at Walvis Bay in Namibia and is planning to set the new record by next month. American kite surfer, Rob Douglas, is the record holder. He has set the record at 55.65 knots (64 mph/103 kmh in Luderitz, Namibia in 2010. The team has not used conventional high speed foils commonly known as rudders in this boat because it causes drag, which affects the speed. This boat was launched in Isle of Wight, UK and was then moved to Namibia where the team carried trials. The team is confident that this boat will achieve its goal.

Eco credentials

The Vestas Sailrocket II is an eco friendly boat because it uses wind energy to cruise at a high speed on water. The body is made of SP GURIT pre impregnated carbon fiber. Nomex Honeycomb core is also used in the body of this boat.


The team which has designed and built Vestas Sailrocket II is planning to hit a high speed of 64 mph with this boat which looks feasible because they have already touch the speed of around 55mph with its predecessor Vestas Sailrocket 1. The team has worked extensively on the design of this new boat and has tried to make it better than the older version. Project leader Paul Larsen is confident that this boat will create new record.

Picture Gallery
Vestas Sailrocket II
VESTAS Sailrocket 2 is a bold step beyond their Mk1 boat which still holds the ‘B’ class world record and hit peak speeds over 52 knots

Related trends

1. Macquarie

MacquarieIn only 17 knot winds, their Lindsay Cunningham designed craft, Macquarie Innovation.

The Macquarie Speed Sailing Team holds the title of the world's fastest sailing boat in Australia with a top speed of 48.57 knots. The boat designed by Lindsay Cunningham named Macquarie Innovation managed to hit the speed of 48.57 knots over the 500m qualifying course. The Macquarie created the record in 17 knot wind. This boat is built in Melbourne and the team is made of 15 persons. The team claims that this boat can hit the high speed of 50 knots if it gets the 20 knot winds.

2. Colgate 26 Daysailer

Colgate 26 Daysailer
Colgate 26 DaysailerThe Colgate 26 sailboat is a sailboat conceived and designed with the future of sailing in mind.

Created by Steve Colgate, the Colgate 26 Daysailer is a powerful keelboat with excellent sailing performance. Steve is a veteran when it comes to sailing and he has used all his experience to come up with a boat which can be used both for racing and family cruises. Steve worked together with marine architect Jim Taylor to finalize the design of this, which was built by Precision Boat Works in Florida. This boat is used by the United States Naval Academy as a training boat. The Colgate 26 won the Cruising World Boat of the Year in 2007 in the Pocket Cruiser Division. This boat is used by many individuals as a family sailboat. It is also used by racer in PHRF fleets.

3. Catalina Expo 12.5

Catalina Expo 12.5
Catalina Expo 12.5The Catalina Expo 12.5 is a fun machine.

Catalina Expo 12.5 weighs 130 lbs with 65 square feet of sail. This boat responds naturally to the changes made to the sail. The mast is made of carbon fiber and it is inserted into the deck. The sail of this boat rolls around the mast, which allows the user to roller reef it. This boat also features some Martin 16’s and a nice Laser. The sail of this boat is set lightly, allowing it to move at a high speed. This boat features wide side deck. The cat rig adds to the speed of this boat, which is perfect for amateur sailors as well as family use. This boat is regarded by many as the fastest to rig and launch.

4. Legend 140

Legend 140
Legend 140The 140 is a fabulous family daysailer offering exhilarating performance.

Manufactured in 2010, the overall length of this boat is 14 feet. The length of the beam is 5 ft 10 in and the max draft is of 3 ft. The dry weight of this boat is 225 lb. Fiberglass is used to made the Monohull of this boat. The Legend 140 is one of the best family daysailer released so far. The hull design is lightweight making this boat perfect for beach launching. The stability is maintained by the wide beam.

Patricia Tait's creative design skills reflected through the integrated Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 01:10 PM PST

Ruchika Pahwa:

Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light
Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway LightInnovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light by Patricia Tait

Do you ever wish you had a brightened-up pathway in your lawn that looks beautiful, as well as contains enough power to light up the place where you need to water the plants? Now, you can turn your thought into reality as Patricia Tait has designed an amazing integration of a sprinkler and a pathway light - and that too in an environmentally friendly manner! Patricia’s Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light combines the concept of pathway lighting with the existing water sprinkler devices or systems. A great addition to your home’s lawn area, this equipment offers solar-powered lighting to the place.

Picture Gallery
Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light
Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light by Patricia Tait

The Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light helps you get rid of electric wires and an intensive installation process. As both the sprinkler and the lighting system are integrated into a single unit, it has been taken care that lights could be installed at the same time the sprinkler system’s installation takes place. This design has been safely created and displays special visual effects at the place where it is installed. Such a system also helps lowering down the lights into the ground when you may not require them to be used, and specially at the time you start mowing your lawn or garden. These lights do not interfere with the mowing and cleaning process and are safe from being tripped upon.

If you prefer, you may also place these lights on the top of those sprinklers that are more commonly used and are well placed under enough sunlight. The Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light can make your garden shine when its light strikes the drops of sprinkled water on the grass. If you place these lights all along the pathway, it would give your lawn a special look and yourself a refreshing feel. This innovative sprinkler and light system gives a natural and green touch to the complete surroundings.

Via: Behance

Yamaha PDX-11 dock blends style with ruggedness for an immersive journey

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 01:01 PM PST

Dakshina Thakur:

Yamaha's PDX-11
Yamaha’s PDX-11Yamaha’s PDX-11 portable speaker/dock

Seeking out an aesthetically designed, feature-blessed speaker dock from endless models may somewhere sound more like nailing jelly to a tree. Though there are several models available that boast of a unique layout and features, manufacturers are always endeavoring to imbue new technologies to make their devices unique. One of such advanced, distinctive speaker docks is the latest Yamaha PDX-11 portable iOS speaker dock that rightly combines style, durability and stability for users' active lifestyle.

Picture Gallery
Yamaha's PDX-11
Yamaha’s PDX-11 portable speaker/dock

Featuring a bold yet rugged framework, the new device stands distinguished with a striking, sturdy octagonal horn-shaped design. For enhanced toughness, the device utilizes perforated steel grill and ascertains firm grip through a roll bar chrome handle. The battery or AC powered speaker dock enables iPhone or iPod users to seamlessly indulge in high end sound quality anywhere. Be it from the cozy couch at home, enjoying at some party, or just having fun with favorite amigos around, immersing in amazing sound quality with a sense of style has just turned simpler.

Enclosed in a compact design that portrays stability, toughness and style, the Yamaha PDX-11 features a large 4-inch woofer and a distinctive two-way speaker system. By taking advantage of the system, music aficionados can effortlessly experience strong bass, impressive mid-range and crystal clear highs. The ideal music companion also ensures simple plug and play for facile sessions of listening to euphonious tunes. Alive through AC or 6 AA alkaline batteries, the model offers users up to 8 hours of optimum functionality.

Built on the philosophy of Apple's performance-driven iPod, the stylishly devised Yamaha PDX-11 puts forth the freedom to share and enjoy music with unprecedented sharpness and clarity. The fun to use, compact dock also touts to outweigh other portable playback products available considering its 1-38" tweeter's ability to render clear high frequencies. Perfect for iPhone or iPod users seeking the ultimate fusion of great looks, sublime performance and portability, the accessory also comes with a stereo L/R 3.5mm stereo mini jack.

The variant's top surface has been carefully balanced with the iPhone/iPod dock while an efficient 4-inch woofer comes into play for delivering music playback. Users can engross their senses in extremely accurate mid-range and crystal clear high frequencies. At the same time, people who prefer a tinge of attractive shades sprinkled on their trendy devices, Yamaha has made the PDX-11 available in eye-catchy shades of dark blue, green, white and black.

For even more enhanced convenience, users can connect their new Yamaha PDX-11 to a desktop, Mac or other digital audio player using the offered mini jack – that settles well on the dock's rear part. The feature-rich Yamaha PDX-11 iOS speaker dock can be picked up now for an amazing price tag that reads at $99.95.

Via: Yamaha

Bionic contact lens to project your mailbox onto your eyeballs

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 09:02 AM PST

Arjun Wadia:

Bionic contact lenses
Bionic contact lensesBionic contact lenses to project your mailbox onto your eyeballs

The concept:

Researchers at the Aalto University of Finland and Washington University have confirmed the development of a new type of lens that can actually project virtual data that can be directly viewed from your eyes without an intermediate interface. Well, in some time you would be able to check your mails directly through your contact lenses. These lenses are called Bionic contact lenses and the researchers have tested these on animals, which resulted in success without any sign of negative side effects. This is definitely a breakthrough and this technology can be can be used for many potential tasks such as navigation systems, in which the image can be directly generated without the help of any external source. Even for entertainment, the gaming section can derive huge benefits from this technology. After the successful tests conducted on rabbits, the major hurdles are surpassed and the Bionic lenses are one step closer to our door steps.

The inspiration:

Through these lenses, the image is directly projected on to the surface of your eye. Developers have already completed the major task of getting the human eye to focus on images projected on its surface and just the ironing of wrinkles is what is left. Contact lenses are made from very delicate material and hence it has been very difficult for the developers to make the end product. The next target to make the development more practical is to find an appropriate power source. We power our computers and other electronic devices through the mains but for these lenses, a reliable power source is yet to be connected. Test prototypes can just work within centimeters of the wireless battery, which will not be enough to market the product. Also in normal circumstances, the human eyes can only see if the image is held at least a few centimeters away. The researchers have been working on the lenses to shorten the focal distance, which is a success that could take this technology to its next level of development.

The design:

The design of the Bionic lenses by far has been the toughest challenge. The lenses are made of very delicate material and to create a computerized mechanism within these lenses is a mighty job. The developments prove that the major hurdles in the design and formation of these lenses have been surpassed. The electric circuits embedded within the lenses are made from just a few nanometer thick metals formed into layers. Light emitting diodes are also constructed for image projection. It will be astonishing to experience how electric circuits and electrical diodes, LED lights and wireless antennas are embedded within the delicate material of our normal contact lenses. Though according to the tests there are no negative side effects of using these lenses, the long term effects cannot yet be determined and some more research is required before the Bionic lenses will be out for sale.

The fabulous:

The scientists have invented such a technology, which is likely to be advanced with every passing day. If we talk about the benefits that the normal people can derive from these lenses, the lists of applications that can be developed are endless. This can be a permanent hi-tech solution for hands-free wireless communication in the coming future. Just imagine if you can read texts, emails, and news and updates just a few millimeters of your retina. Such a device will slowly revolutionize our whole computing technology, embedded within the most delicate material of your contact lenses. Pilots and drivers will be able to see a vehicle’s speed and other crucial data without the need of an LCD screen and any other device. The entertainment sector can have a whole new angle to build a virtual world, which shall immerse the gamers completely. This technology connected with sensors and virtual computing devices will change the whole face of internet and networking.

Picture Gallery
Bionic contact lenses
Bionic contact lenses to project your mailbox onto your eyeballs

The target:

In the manufacturing of Bionic lenses, the electrical circuits to be built have to undergo high temperatures, and withstand the usage of inorganic materials and harmful toxic chemicals. The challenge here is to develop a safe and feasible device for everyday use. Advancing forward with this technology, the next target for the developers will be to embed predefined text on trial prototypes. While all these could be taken care of, the major concern still remaining is to find an appropriate power source for the device to work wireless without a confined range. Just to project the image will not be enough in the future, and some other technology has to be developed parallelly, which will allow users to navigate through and command. This will be a breakthrough in the computing technology and maybe someday your lenses could keep a check on your health, navigate you through ways, provide critical updates through images, texts and videos, and much more. The end product has to be safe, feasible, much more practical and under a defined market price.

Related trend:

1. Smart Contact Lenses from Sensimed

Smart Contact Lenses from Sensimed
Smart Contact Lenses from SensimedSensimed launched the first commercially viable soft lenses to augment the treatment of glaucoma

The technology to provide plain simple contact lenses with the power to utilize wireless networking and direct image projection is not just for convenience or entertainment. Sensimed, a Swiss based biotech company, has introduced to the world the first ever soft contact lenses that are capable of augmenting the treatment of glaucoma. The smart contact lenses are commercially viable and are embedded with a wireless technology to keep a check on the disease. The platinum strain gauges in these lenses can record the changes in the curvature of the cornea and transmit the information wirelessly to a recording device. This will allow to keep a 24/7 check and, in turn, can determine the chronobiology of the disease. Through these lenses, one can keep a complete track on the changes because of the disease, which can help to modulate patient’s medication and other requirements. According to a researcher at Washington University, the same technology can be used to determine the blood sugar levels in tears with the help of these micro contact lenses. More wonders to follow!

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