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Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit lets you go app-less on your iPhone

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 03:36 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit
Holga iPhone Lens Filter KitThis Holga Kit is available in a choice of Red, Blue, White, Black or Silver.

The late and great Steve Jobs left the world with an immaculate legacy of creative genius and a popular depiction of the iMan's stupendous abilities doing the rounds of the internet these days is this cartoon of Jobs at the Pearly Gates with Saint Peter standing at a lectern going through the big book of the saved looking for his name and Jobs telling him that he had an app for that! And though many view the iPhone 4S as something of an expensive damp squib, the fact remains that the latest (and all previous versions of) iPhone is a covetable phone desired by nerds with ideas for history-altering apps as well as fashionistas who want to add a touch of tech finesse to their street cred. Having said that, and this may almost be blasphemous, the iPhone apps store is no match for a good old fashioned lens kit when it comes to specialized photography. And before you go hating on us on Facebook for having said that the world of apps is not enough, we'd just like to clarify that we're not trying to diss your beloved iGadget's credentials as a provider of cool apps, we're simply saying we'd like an opportunity to present you with the greatest gift idea for this holiday season! Introducing the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit that will literally change everything you ever knew about taking a pic with your iPhone.

Picture Gallery
Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit
This Holga Kit is available in a choice of Red, Blue, White, Black or Silver.

This awesome special effect lens kit was developed especially for the iPhone though we're sure it can fit just as well on other smartphones as well. The kit effortlessly slips on to the iPhone like a case and lets you manipulate the cellphone's camera to get some pretty kickass photography effects. Though haters will tell you that getting an add on bit of hardware is a dumb idea when you can get an app to do pretty much the same thing, we assure you that this lens kit is created for people who like to feel photography happen in real time rather than waiting to get to their computers to add a bit of magic to the pictures they take.

Designed like a retro telephone's dialer, the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit offers users up to nine different and amazing special effects and filters that allow users to manipulate the camera to get astonishing effects. To produces 2 identical images in a single shot, you can use the Dual Image Lens, to produce 3 identical images in a single shot, you can use the Triple Image Lens, while the Quadruple Image Lens produces 4 identical images in a single click.

For taking images of objects or scenes at around 60mm from the lens, you use the 60mm Macro Lens, for taking images with no effect, you use the Empty Hole, and to get a cool heart shape on a click, you can use the Clear Heart Shape Centre Red Filter. Other cool filters include the red and green filters which literally reduce the absorption of a distinct color in the light to give you stunning effects in every shot. Also, to get effects that mimic sunset and moon atmosphere, you can use the Yellow Filter with Clear Center or the Blue Filter with Clear Center. Available in a choice of red, blue, white, black or silver, the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit retails for $24.99 only.

Source: Holga Direct

Chair-BASED takes inspiration from the backbone of human body

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 02:43 PM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Chair BASEDChair BASED by Anastasiya Gavrilova

Backbone plays an important function in the human body and is without a second thought the foundation in the bodies of human beings. It protects the nervous system and is a part of the musculoskeletal system. Keeping the role of spine in mind, Anastasiya Gavrilova has designed a chair named Chair BASED that will make sure a correct posture is maintained when a person sits. The ingenious piece of furniture was declared the winner at the 2011 Russian Design, which is an All-Russian Competition.

Picture Gallery
Chair BASED by Anastasiya Gavrilova

Being the foundation, the backbone needs to be given relief so that it remains in an apt condition to perform all the important functions. Misusing the backbone can also damage the central nervous system, which is of utmost importance when it comes to functioning of internal systems in a human body. So, it is necessary to use the backbone in a correct way to avoid diseases and keep body in a healthy state. Chair BASED by Anastasiya Gavrilova has been crafted using materials like rubber, plastic and metal. The use of such materials gives the furniture piece durability and also an eye-appealing facade.

The basic design has been heavily inspired from the structure of backbone. This makes sure that the body easily accepts the shape and a human automatically sits in a correct posture. The chair has been crafted in a way that will give the neck and backbone the much needed relief. It will make sure that the back gets a full unloading and also the backbone neck will feel the same experience like one does when the body is massaged. The chair will soothe frazzled nerves and will correct the posture at the same time.

The back of this chair can be easily adjusted according to the height of an individual, which will lend the much needed comfort one longs for while sitting on a chair. The top most part of the back of this chair acts like a perfect masseur for the neck. As one goes down, the back of the chair gets small pillow in rubber that will help get a comfortable as well as the correct position. The chair will allow a person to adjust the height further, thanks to the space under the inclination that lets individuals to keep their feet.

Chair BASED by Anastasiya Gavrilova is an amazing creation that will be perfect for people, like students and the working class, who spend a lot of time sitting. It will give the much needed relief and comfort, while taking care of the backbone at the same time.

Via: Anastasiyagavrilova

KwickScreen: A portable screen that gives birth to a private space

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 02:39 PM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

KwickScreenPortable, retractable, rooom divider which provides isoaltion or privacy solutions in hospitals when required

Room dividers solve a variety of functions and are also an important part of hospitals. They provide instant privacy as well as isolation and are easy to move from one place to the other. KwickScreen has specially been designed for hospitals and will create a private space whenever the need arises. It is moveable, retractable and an easy to use product that won't pose much of a problem when moved.

Picture Gallery
KwickScreen is a portable, retractable, rooom divider which provides isoaltion or privacy solutions in hospitals when required

The product has been designed keeping in mind all the problems faced NHS, MRSA, deficient space as well as privacy that may irritate a patient and people accompanying them. The lack of a wall will not only act intrusive in terms of privacy but may also hurt people's self-respect while they or any of their loves ones is admitted in a hospital. Infections may also spread due to the lack of a wall, which may deteriorate a patient's condition further.

It is a well known fact that the NHS stands at a higher position when it comes to the worst healthcare related infections in the whole of Europe. So, this stirred the overall making of the KwickScreen that will unfurl improved rate of isolation from infections and also put forward the much needed privacy and dignity inside the hospital. The design of this retractable screen has fetched heavy inspiration from the nature, like the tongue of a frog and a Venus fly trap.

KwickScreen is not only easy to use but can also be transported from one place to other without much difficulty. It comes injected with a lot of flexibility and will help change the overall layout of a hospital room in no time. The clean and easy to transport screen will make apt use of space present inside the room and will also help keep infections at bay. Some people have a trouble sharing the room with opposite sex while in a hospital as this may hamper the much required privacy. But with KwickScreen, all such problems will take a backseat as it will help solve the mixed sex accommodation trouble.

KwickScreen can be given an interesting appearance as they can be printed with designs. This will add color and give it a fun as well as an interesting look. It can also be used to write and display messages, which will definitely prove to be a boon for visitors and the hospital staff. The use of KwickScreen is not limited as it can also be exploited in school, college, office and university space. One can also use it during exhibitions to display artwork. The portability and functionality of KwickScreen is worth applauding and it will definitely win hearts with the traits it comes caked with.

Via: Jamesdysonaward

iPhone Lens Dial - A cool new iPhone case with three rotating lenses

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 02:18 PM PST


iPhone Lens Dial
iPhone Lens DialA complete three-lens optical system for serious iPhoneographers

Everybody likes to take pictures of friends, family members or natural scenery that you like. The iPhone 4S has a top-notch camera among the smartphone. Many users bought this phone for its great camera. It can fulfill all your needs unless you are a DSLR fanatic, because only one lens is not enough for shooting situations. However, if you are using an iPhone and you are looking to extend the capability of its camera then you may find the solution in the iPhone Lens Dial that offers a trio of lenses. The device made by Photojojo gives you the ticket to clutter the backside of your iPhone with three additional camera lenses. After fitting the lenses and clicking pictures from it, you will always want to carry a point and shoot.

Picture Gallery
iPhone Lens Dial
The iPhone Lens Dial boasts three optical-quality coated glass lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto.

Available in a case that fits with iPhone 4 and 4S, the Lens Dial includes three lenses- Fisheye, Wide Angle and Telephoto lens, all made of air craft grade aluminum and optical quality. 0.33 x Fisheye lens gives fun concave looking creative shots while 0.7x Wide Angle lens takes scenery in your frame for a nice panoramic shot and 1.5x Telephoto lens is made for long distance shots. Users can rotate between all the three lenses to achieve their desired effect. While rotating the dial, you have to make sure that the glass lens from Photojojo comes in front of the phone's built-in lens. See the picture and then you will know what exactly I am trying to tell you.

Compatible with both iPhone 4 and 4s, iPhone lens dial weighs ten ounces and comes with a pair of tripod mounts, so that the user can use it in portrait as well as landscape shots. Naturally, it will add some thickness to your iPhone, but take it on a positive note. Carry a camera and your iPhone at the same time and then carry only the iPhone attached with the Lens Dial, you will know the difference. At a price of $249, it is expensive then the iPhone itself, but it has the capability to compete with many dedicated cameras. You can purchase the device online from Photojojo without paying any shipping charges. It is available in a matte black body; no other choice.

If you love photography, then I will definitely recommend you to experience the gadget. Right now, it is only available for iPhone, so do not buy if you do not have one. However, if you really like it, then purchase an iPhone first and then order a pair of spectacles for it. Share your interest and views with us and tell us whether you are going to buy this to satisfy the photographer inside you.

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