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Foldable Velo Chic Concept makes biking effortless and practical for women

Posted: 13 Jan 2012 05:18 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

The Velo Chic by Guo-Shiung Hung is an innovative new bicycle concept that focuses solely on the needs of female users and non-bikers to promote the use of bicycles as a viable mode of transportation in cities and smaller communities. The target user of the Velo Chic would primarily be non-biking female users who live in apartments with limited space in urban areas.

Velo Chic
Velo Chic

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Velo Chic
Velo Chic increases the bicycle ridership in an urban environment.

Since cycling is viewed as a sports-oriented activity and is seen as a tiring task, these users are not too enthusiastic about using bicycles as a mode of daily commute. The goal of the Velo Chic design is to ultimately reintroduce biking to the segment of urban dwellers and to promote cycling as a relaxing and practical mode of traveling and commuting in the city.

With a folding hinge and handlebar, the Velo Chic is also a very storage-friendly and can be compacted to sit neatly in a corner. The neat basket that the bicycle comes pre-fitted with allows users to carry small loads like daily groceries etc. with ease. The bicycle uses a Sussex shaft-driven system to make pedaling almost effortless and the bicycle also comes with an Gruber electric power assist system which allows users to run the bicycle in all-electric mode.

Via: Popmonbo

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