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The Design blog

Mercedes-Benz to introduce gestural controls with DICE concept

Posted: 14 Jan 2012 04:31 AM PST

Swapnil Walivkar:

Mercedes-Benz brought out its own vision of the future of interiors, a fully customizable dashboard and gesture-based controls. The Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) concept is far better than words can convey. The basic fundamental includes a series of proximity sensors to detect hand motions across the interior allowing you to scroll, select and control a variety of functions. The highlights include the ability to get information about the businesses and sights around you, connect with friends nearby and control all the standard music and navigation functionality you’d expect in a high-end ride.


With DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) Mercedes-Benz provides a vision of the interactive, intuitive and safe operating experience in premium automobiles of the future. DICE impressively demonstrates how the vehicle like Mercedes Benz becomes an intelligent mobility partner through bidirectional interaction. The intelligent car communicates not only with the driver but also with other transportation modes and its entire environment in order to assess all relevant information for a trip and make practical use of it immediately.

Picture Gallery
Mercedes-Benz DICE
Mercedes-Benz DICE concept

Digital information about the actual vehicle surroundings, points of interest, friends, pedestrians and other vehicles is presented there and a natural interaction by means of gestures is made possible. For this Mercedes-Benz uses a combination of Augmented Reality and natural gesture control to realize a completely new and exciting form of communication between people and their environment. The vehicles can be located through the internet, can be rented on the spur of the moment, used as long as one likes, and afterward simply parked again in any public parking space within the city limits. Urban mobility couldn’t be more flexible and spontaneous today.

via: Autoblog

Take respite in public places with the SleepBox

Posted: 14 Jan 2012 01:18 AM PST

Radhicka S Saxena:

Catching attention in a jiffy, this piece of furniture is really inviting. Looking at it all you want to do is take a seat, stretch your legs and fall into a slumber. You can rest awhile on it or even take a short nap. It looks somewhat like a chaise lounge which has ample of legroom. The fluid design enfolds smooth curves and gives the couch an extremely swish look. Sink into the couch and enjoy its cozy hug whenever you want to take rest. The contemporary design will go with a lot of interiors but will look the best in metropolitan areas.


It is primarily designed for public spaces and will look good inside offices, airports, railway stations and recreation zones. The groovy looking piece will enhance the look of any space it is placed in. The massive size of the couch can easily accommodate bulky people. The life size design makes it easy to spot the couch in crowded spaces. Owing to the unique design of the couch, one can kick back and relax on it even in bustling urban spaces. With a gaping hole at the back and a spongy mattress, it is a haven for tired travelers.

Picture Gallery
SleepBox, a contemporary and organic piece of furniture in HI-MACS®

The snazzy looking piece boasts of many useful features. The organic piece is swathed in leather and HI-MAC. HI-MAC is really durable and velvety making it a really good choice for a couch mainly designed for public spaces. The material can be connected flawlessly giving the entire cover a uniform casing. Moreover, it can also be thermoformed.

It has been designed by Caspar Lohner at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design [CAAD] which is a part of Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. Mathias Bernhard and Manuel Kretzer have assisted the project while Kläusler Acrylstein AG is its exclusive distributor. Between 17th to 21th January, the SleepBox will be put up for display at Swissbau 2012 which is deemed to be an important convention for the entire real-estate and construction industry in Switzerland. In fact, it is one of the largest exhibitions in Europe.

Via: Himacs

CES 2012: Best green gadgets

Posted: 13 Jan 2012 11:42 PM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

The advancement in science and technology has allowed the designers and the engineers to design and develop gadgets that are eco friendly as well as energy efficient. These days several companies are manufacturing high-tech products that are sustainable and green. Many companies unveiled such products during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Here is a list of nine best green gadgets put on display during the 2012 CES.

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