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Murata solar-powered flexible concept remote is fun to use

Posted: 15 Jan 2012 07:40 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Imagine life without a remote control! In this modern world, a remote control has melted the power to control appliances and equipment in our hands. This makes sure that everything works like magic at a single command. Giving the remote control a streak of eco-friendliness is Murata with a flexible solar-powered TV remote control.

solar-powered remote
solar-powered remote

The cool concept by Murata will harness energy from the sun and help flip channels, while you laze around. Unlike the conventional black-colored remotes, the concept by Murata is very supple and simple to use. The TV remote has to be twisted and bended in order to use it. Simply, bend it to increase or decrease the volume or twist when you feel like changing the channel. Apart from this, shaking the flexible remote will let the user turn the TV off and on. The solar-powered remote is quite intuitive and vows to give an all new meaning to using this electronic device.

The Murata solar-powered flexible TV remote concept functions by making good use of piezoelectric polyester film, which has been fitted with solar cells. The clean and green device offers a solar panel for power as well as a multi-axis flex sensor. There are two such sensors that can effortlessly detect all the twisting and bending motions and will in turn control the TV. A wireless card and batteries have been squeezed between the handles of the device. The concept does not even look close to the usual remote controls and the flexibility will leave people impressed.

So, twist it, turn it and shake it while your TV dances on the tunes of suppleness of the Murata solar-powered flexible TV remote concept.

solar-powered remoteSolar-powered concept remote by Murata

Via: Dvice

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